How to practice for a perfect IELTS score

Practice for a perfect IELTS score
Most students recognise the importance of studying hard before taking the IELTS writing examination but are unsure what this means or how to prepare.

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How to practice for IELTS

Most students recognise the importance of studying hard before taking the IELTS writing examination but are unsure what this means or how to prepare. 


You may not have accurate knowledge of the exam requirements and may only have a vague idea of what the examiners seek. They are prepared to hone their writing skills but need skilled and experienced guidance throughout the learning process to make real and responsible progress in written English. They require a system that guides and encourages them throughout and removes many of the myths and “false truths” that exist and delivers “what it says on the box”; that is a high IELTS score.


IELTSNavigator provides all the needed help with various question types and supporting topics. Guidance is provided every step of the way so that the student gets instant feedback on every essay, with full explanations given so that any weaknesses or misunderstandings can be corrected in a clear, easily comprehensive manner. We regard this as a really important part of the service that we are offering because understanding is key, and success gives you the encouragement to write the next essay and moves you towards your goal of getting the mark you need when you take the real exam.


IELTSNavigator online IELTS practice portal is designed for the serious student who is prepared to take heed of the advice that has been given and put it into practice to build and develop this knowledge throughout each task. Writing must be done over the full range of questions regularly to obtain high marks, but it should not only be enjoyable, but that pleasure should appear on the essay page! If you can develop that style, you will be well on your way to a high mark. Practice hard, especially on the questions you don’t like or are unfamiliar with, but try to enjoy the experience by making your essays relevant to your life and experience.


IELTSNavigator solution has incorporated all this within its methodology and has designed its software to make personal improvement in English as rewarding for the student as possible. It should be stressed, however, that success can be achieved only if you constantly work through the system. It is computer-based, so it is accessible 24/7, so it can absorb and correct as much written work as you, the student, provide.


Experts in the field of IELTS have developed this portal and have looked at the main difficulties an examinee can experience. Every aspect is discussed and analysed for the student in an easy-to-read format so that he or she can feel supported throughout and can, through constant essay writing, pass this part of the examination with consummate ease.


As a company, we are vested in your success and sincerely believe we have produced a tool for IELTS writing practice. We commend it to every student who wishes to succeed in IELTS.

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